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Worldwide shipments

Please select your nearest destination of the following list. We forward you to your nearest local website. If your country is not listed use our global domain www.cablematic.com

Belgium www.cablematic.be
Phone: +32 25884231

Deutsch www.cablematic.de
Phone: +49 32211001061

France www.cablematic.fr
Phone: +33 975170126

Ireland www.cablematic.ie
Phone: +353 766801019

Italia www.cablematic.it
Phone: +34 934987121

Portugal www.cablematic.pt
Phone: +351 308803635

Spain www.cablematic.es (spanish) and www.cablematic.cat (catalan)
Phone: +34 934987113

United Kingdom www.cablematic.co.uk
Phone: +44 2035146931

Other countries www.cablematic.com
Phone: +34 934987121

Shipments to non European countries

Cablematic arranges daily shipments worldwide, including non European countries in America, Asia, Africa and Oceania continents.

Become a local Cablematic products dealer

Cablematic is a worldwide wholesaler that can apply special prices, if you are related distributor in the computer and electronics field. We offer a complete catalogue with photos and descriptions in your language. You can use your own trademark to sell Cablematic products around the world. We only need a proof that you are a retailer !!! So, please send us some document that proof that you are distributor and Cablematic will apply you special prices.

Let's do business together !!!

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